UCRETE industrial flooring is a unique suite of products offering wide a range of surface profile and performance specifications. These systems have an exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, heavy impact and thermal shock.

Thousands of satisfied local and multinational clients, in countries on all continents and in all industries over more than 30 years, attest to UCRETE’s ability to provide longterm, problem-free and therefore, cost-effective, flooring protection in the most difficult environments. Without doubt, UCRETE is the flooring system of choice for discerning end users, specifiers and contractors worldwide.

Our competence in the field of floors and floor finishes that are durable and meet high in service demands is based on many years of experience. The expertise we have acquired from many projects around the world supports our continuous investment in the research and development of innovative products to meet our clients needs. All our systems are applied by trained specialist applicators to ensure the long-term performance.