Polished Concrete System

Zayaanco Polished Concrete System is a specialised treatment process to transform both new and existing concrete into a captivating, sleek and contemporary floor. The process involves the application of proprietary compounds which react to enhance and strengthen the concrete through the stacking of silica. During this treatment, the concrete is also subject to a specific grinding and refining methodology to suit individual concrete characteristics, enabling the surface of the concrete to be polished effectively. Various levels of finish can be created depending on individual needs and requirements.

This includes the amount of stone visible in the floor and gloss and reflectivity levels. Polished concrete has become an extremely popular choice for both residential and commercial projects as it ticks many boxes including the natural aesthetics and long life cycle it offers. An experienced contractor can achieve the appearance required by adjusting the process to control the amount of stone/sand, gloss and reflectivity.