Uncontrolled static discharge can disrupt the function of your business, costing you both time and money. Dur-A-Flex® offers three Electro-Static Dissipative floor systems, each designed to dissipate the static charge caused by the movement of people, equipment, and high-speed manufacturing and assembly equipment. These systems, Dur-AGard ESD, Armor-Stat ESD and Cryl-A-Stat ESD have the ability to ground out static charges and prevent static events from occuring.

Dur-A-Flex’s safe and dependable ESD flooring systems have been designed with you and your facility needs in mind, preventing static charges from interrupting your flow of production and on-time delivery of products to your customers. Each system provides you with a durable, seamless, non-porous and easy to clean floor designed to meet your most demanding electronics manufacturing and automated assembly requirements.