EPDM is a synthetic elastomer known as Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. EPDM floorings are those which involves granules that are self pigmented in nature and thus making it last longer. These EPDM granules can be then mixed with Polyurethane binders and can be sprayed onto concrete, asphalt, interlocking brick, wood etc to create a non-slip, soft, porous and safety surface. EPDM floorings are customizable flooring solution for almost any application including health and fitness clubs, stadiums, corridors, children play area, schools, offices, walkways, lobbies, manufacturing units etc. EPDM rubbers are mainly available in solid forms and cellular forms. The solid form comes in the form of rubber sheets, rolls and tiles which are generally denser and better suited to more physically demanding applications such as in gyms, indoor running tracks, fitness clubs, health centers etc. The cellular version is softer and can be compressed more easily for applications where flexibility and safety is a key such as children play area in schools, kids play area in malls etc. EPDM flooring is the best quality flooring and they come in vibrant color shades. They are offered in many variations and are suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications. They are very good at resisting the degrading effects of weather, cracking and discoloration that comes from the exposure to UV rays and Ozone. They also can withstand heavy rainfall and thus can be used in situations that need a good degree of water proofing. They also have good resistance to anti-freeze, synthetic detergents; many chemicals etc and have great working temperature range. These features have made EPDM rubber more popular to use in industrial sectors. Other benefits of EPDM flooring includes they are soft and resilient, anti-slip, durable, absorbs sound, environmental friendly, low maintenance etc.

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