When two materials come into contact with each other and separates each other, a static electricity is generated. That is an electrostatic charge is most commonly created by the contact and separation of two materials. Once a charge has been established, the material become electro statically charged if it is not grounded or dissipated naturally. This charge can be transferred from the material and has the potential to disrupt the normal operation of an electronic system and cause equipment malfunction or failure or even degrading or destroying. In such cases the flooring should be intended to prevent, mitigate, dissipate, conduct, remove or ground excessive static electricity charges on people, furniture, mobile carts, equipments etc. For this purpose conductive floorings are used. Conductive floorings have low electrical resistance and thus allow static charges to flow easily across its surface. The surface of such floors provides a path of moderate electrical conductivity between persons and equipment in contact with the floor to prevent the accumulation of dangerous electrostatic charges. Conductive floorings are used in Hospitals Operating rooms still using flammable anesthetics, extremely sensitive electronic and computer equipment manufacturing, assembling and testing units, Clean rooms with sensitive equipments, telecommunication installation areas, medical diagnostic instrument areas, IT industries, Oil and gas industries, Automotive industries etc. Conductive floorings can be vinyl sheet/tiles, Vinyl composition tiles, Rubber floorings, carpets etc. based on their distinct characteristic and benefits.

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